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The extremist tendencies

Friday, March 24, 2006

I have always known that I've been somewhat of an extremist, in the sense that everything about me is the two ends of a stick. I as a person, am full of contrasts, and today, I guess I have realised to what extent it can go. Seeing as I am officially hooked to the likes of Jhalak Dikhla and Saaki, they are in the same playlist as Just Like This (Limp Bizkit) and Lift Me Up (Moby). Surprised? I'm not.

There's something about club music which gets my blood running through every part of me. The pumping beats which just pulse and throb in my ears, give a different kind of high, one no drug or alcohol will give. Its only someone who worships music will understand. When music lives in you, you don't need any inducers to get you high. One just feeds of the music.

Rock music hits the heart and the brain at the same time. The only two organs which decide the actions and behaviour of a person. Rythm and beats are the minds forte. Lyrics and melody are the hearts. It is a known fact that anything rythmic, in simple harmonic motion or under a mathematical relation can give the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure (real or illusional).

I would not probably come as the type to enjoy Jhalak Dikhla but I am... suprised me the first time, but after hearing two or three times, not surprised anymore. I can now see a pattern in all the songs in my playlist. Pumping beats and energy. I guess you can say that my music preference at a moment is decided by my mood. I am in a very good mood at the moment, and so im up for high voltage rock, and anything which has energy. When I am a little more sober, in come the likes of Pink Floyd and Coldplay. Nobody has ever understood the kind of music I like except one. Even she gives up sometimes, but well, you can't everything. My taste in music are absolutes ... from heavy metal, hard rock to classic rock, soft rock. There is no gradient, and no punk, acid or anything of that type. The only out of the way genre being Alternative Rap/Funk Metal (Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine), no pop or anything else.

Surprised? I'm not :P


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