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Wake up!
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Since my last post didn't sit well with someone, I planned to write something and get the load off my guilty conscience. I live to please my readers, so if someone has a problem, I'll fix it! :) The idea behind this post comes from a talk this morning with Ekta. About the people who don't fight back the system, but learn to adapt to it. I have always believed there are two kinds of people. One kind, who change themselves to adapt to the situation they're put in, and the other, who change the situation to adapt themselves. Its only the latter kind who hold the power to change anything on earth.

I know someone, who holds that fact that she can adapt really well, and learn from others as an asset. I don't. I think sooner or later, she'll be put in a situation will be wrong, but she'll (because of her nature) try and adapt to it, without thinking of fighting back. Such are the people who feul oppression and suppression. They are the reason those words still exist. If people don't stand up for their own right, who will? I personally wasn't affected much by Rang De Basanti for the simple reason that it was so impractical and foolhardy. Those kids acted just like that, kids, without stopping to think of their own actions. Thats what seperates us from animals. They follow instinct, we can think.

We know when something is going wrong. We know when the system is wrong. We know how to fix it, and we know who all are responsible for everything. Yet, we don't do anything. Why? Because we think someone else will do it. We think that they are no-one to start a (mini) revolution, and they'll join one started by someone else. Its the vicious tomorrow type cycle. Remember? Tomorrow never comes? Keep passing the job to the next person, and it'll come a full circle back to you someday.

Letting things pass, and learning to divert your conscience away from it is not the answer. People who do that are cowards, good for nothings, who know nothing better than to keep their mouth shut and suffer under the people who know how to fight the system. Leaders aren't born, they are made. And only the ones who can do, will lead. Today, there is no place for compromises. One should only optimise. Gather the resources one has, and make the best use of it. If one starts to accept the lack of resources, and resign their duties to working with them, they'll get nowhere. They have to find new resources, and figure out how to work with them. If they need something, they'll bloody well get up and ask, or take, whatever fits.

Don't shut up and keep shut. You'll keeping a lot of others mouths shut as well. You speak, the world speaks with you. You keep shut, you suffer the system. The choice is yours, because after all, the system was made by people like you!

Don't know what to call this one
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

People come and people go, what they leave are memories. And memories can be good and/or bad. Ofcouse, we all have our different ways of dealing with them. Some people get really close, and when one loses them, they don't want to let go. They keep telling themselves that they haven't lost that other person, and all it'll take is another phone call. But they never make that call, because they want to lose that bubble of hope that they have, because somewhere deep down they know, that their call might not be picked up, or the outcome might not be what they thought it'd be. Life doesn't go the way we want it to, it has its own path. What we have, is a leash. We can deviate from the path only as much as our leash allows us.

I have had friends. But not many have gotten as close as her. Thats why, it was hard for me to let go of her. I haven't completely, because I know she hasn't. She tries so hard to tick me off, trying to get me off her, but the things she says try to mask anger and pain, not hate and loathing. She answers all my mails, even if they all tell me to stop trying to talk to her. I know if you hate someone, you'd ignore them, but she doesn't. Holding on to false hope and justifying what I feel, am I not? I know the things I do wrong, but the problem is that I can't do anything to stop myself from doing it.

Its strange when you see someone else making the same mistakes. Its stranger when you see yourself making the same mistake as someone else. Its the strangest when you can't stop yourself. But in the fight between the mind and the heart, you never know which one'll win. I guess what they say is right. Never look to someone else to complete you... or you'll be left with two incomplete souls...

Need for Religion, or lack thereof
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The way I see it, there are two sides to most religions: one that tells us how and where we came from, and the other that tells us how to live our lives. The first part doesn't actually matter much to the lives of anyone but answer-seeking scientists. The second part, I think, should be left to us mortals. I may not have faith in God but I do have enough faith in humans (despite being as cynical as I am) to think that we don't need our lives and lifestyles to be dictated by certain guidelines, rules, fears or selfish motives as are presented by every God-related thing.

You know one of the terms I've always despised is 'God-fearing'...it basically sums up the very disturbing mentality that people have formed over time: they do good, but not for the right reasons! That cannot really be called doing good. It's like me giving someone a birthday present just for the sake of it, but not actually being happy to give it. On a much larger scale, what I'm saying is that when you do something, it's important to do it for the right reasons! The whole God notion, in my opinion, is based on lies, whether any or a lot of good comes of it or not. I say we can accomplish just as much good - and good in the true sense, without lying to ourselves everyday of our lives.

I've met countless old ladies who've spent their entire lives in the undeserved satisfaction that [hide] they're 'good people' simply because they pray to God everyday, starve themselves on certain days, carry out certain religious (materialistic, might I add) ceremonies, donate money to some places every once in a while, yet badmouth every other person they come across for the silliest reasons; I don't call that being a good person at all. And the selfish motive behind any good they do is simply to move closer to salvation, or secure a spot for themselves in heaven; to have the assurance that many people will attend their death ceremony when they die.

As for the 'faith' aspect of it, I'm sure that if we researched it, we’d be able to find countless cases of people who have not taken action when they should have, simply because they believed God would do it for them; people who deserved punishment but never received it because some God was supposed to come after them (but of course, who checks up on those things?) So I say, we need to have more faith in ourselves and our fellow human beings and not rely on the power of any 'God', but on the power of love within us (please do not say that God = love!... that's just another religious motto that they use to make people believe in a distant God through means of something precious closer to home).

And I simply don't understand what people mean by 'I believe in God because I believe in myself'. Where is the 'self' in living your life literally by the Book (be it the Bible, Quran, Bhagwad Gita, or any other religious text)? Would you not be able to avoid the bad, let alone do others good, without reminding yourself about some imaginary force overlooking your every action? Why don't people try to form as strong a belief in and put as much effort daily into being good people at heart as they do into religion and their belief in God? A friend of mine said to me that I may have a "strong heart" that enables me to be a good person without believing in any God. But that's either an excuse for not willingly learning to be a good person, or a case of extreme cynicism. I mean if people really believe that the world needs religions and Gods to keep it in harmony and order, then there's hardly any hope for the world. How about we try placing a bit of this faith in our fellow human beings, in our parents, siblings, and friends? Every new generation that is born is born free of any such beliefs or faith and can easily grow up learning about the important things in life. Think about it, how many times have you actually been encouraged and taught by your elders to do good, to think good toward others, as opposed to simply going into a temple (or anywhere else) and praying to God?

Lastly, can you explain to me why religious people, especially yogi's (and the ones on TV!) stress so much that selflessness is so important and good? How is 'animal instinct', want, basically everything that is natural, a bad thing? By nature's own balance, where there are bad things in our nature, such as greed and malice, I'm pretty sure there must be at least enough good to balance the bad as well. Love, sympathy, and compassion for instance are quite instinctive, wouldn't you say?

the way to humour!
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've never really understood the whole concept of humour. Our whole perception of what's funny changes as we grow up. Infact, it changes so rapidly, that sometimes friends start to think they don't understand what is it actually that you find funny, and hence they go off on the tangent that they don't understand you. Now, that leads to many friends drifting apart, which strangely enough, is not humorous.

Black humour, cynical sarcasm never fails to get a laugh out of people. I've actually begun to think that this is one of the best ways to crack people up at parties, since it'll always hold you in good stead. Ofcourse, this requires exceptional fluency of language, thought and analysis. hence, it takes a subtle amount of sophistication, which in turn shows your own character, albeit, a sophisticated one. ofcourse, if you don't do it right, the complete opposite of a blumbering fool is projected on the highest wall of the tallest building.

its better to stay away from humour if one doesn't do it right, because then it results in the deathly silence that we are all so scared of. the biggest nightmare might be someone who tries to lighten up the mood with a joke, and is greeted with nothing but silence. so much for lightening up the mood!

so, what do you think is the best way to make people laugh? or is there a best way to make people laugh?

oooo.. Gossip!!
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

It says right there in the About Me in my profile details. I hate gossiping, and talking about rumours. This ofcourse is related to people and social rumours, not such about Google or the tech world (talking about those is fun!). I really think its extremely shallow to talk about other people, and they do in their own time, how they behave with other people, and what are the latest things they have been upto. It just shows a severe lack of character, and the auntie-mentality (as I call it) in people. Those are best saved for 50 something ladies who have nothing better to do throughout the day but gossip and just ridicule people unfortunate enough not to show up for that meeting.

There's a nice story about Aristotle and his way of dealing with shallow talk by the three way filtering system. Once, he was entering his workplace when a man came running upto him, extremely out of breath. He started, 'Do you know the man around the corner just did?'. Aristotle thought for a second, and said, 'No, I don't. Do you know a man wastes 1/6 of his life discussing things which are of no consequence? So I've built this three filter system which will help me get rid of things which don't matter to me. I'll ask you three questions, and if it passes those, then you can tell me whatever you wanted to tell me. Now, does it have anything to do with me?'

The man, thought and said that it wasn't. Then Aristotle said, 'Ok, let's try again. Will it help me in any way?', to which the man again said that it wouldn't. Now, Aristotle took a deep breath and said, 'Ok, last question, will your information make me think any better of the man?', and the other once again replied that it wouldn't. Aristotle rose and said, 'Well then, if it has nothing to do with me, doesn't help me, and makes someone else look bad, then I'm not interested. Good day!', and he went inside. That, my friends, is true genius.

I use that filter system myself, most of the time, but usually I don't have to because people already know that I don't deal with gossip, and they refrain from telling me any nowadays, which I take as a really big compliment. Atleast, that way, when I talk people will know that I hold nothing but the truth, which is a great honour in itself. So do something about how people look at you, because at the end of the day, you can't live alone. You will be surrounded by people all your life. Intelligent people, talk about ideas. Shallow people, talk about other people. Which one are you?

The deal with us and celebrities
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I am not taking celebrities only has the hunks and hunkettes (?) from bollywood. I am taking anyone who has remained in the spotlight of the media for quite a while (again variable, but long enough) and is a regular face on television as a celebrity. Now, the question that I ask here is, what's the deal with us citizens and them being pseudo gods? I know, I know. You will say that they're not gods, and its a misconception to think of them as. You'll say its just a myth that we have that these celebrities are worshipped and whatever Amitabh Bachchan says is not followed to the hilt, action hero's are not mimicked. I agree with you, but thats only for the sensible upper middle, and upper class of the social strata. We have yet to see the same sensibilities being shown by the rural communities in our country.

The entire Salman Khan issue (the black buck one) has been blown so much out of proporsion, that I doubt if people today even remember what year it was brought to light, and what the original case was. Yes, he broke the law and he should be punished duly for it. The case stretched on for 5-6 years, and finally he's been sentenced to imprisonment. Finally! Do you think such a delay would have been there if you replaced him with either you or me? I doubt it. The Jessica Lal case. I don't need to begin to say anything about it. The fellow got away scot-free with more than 10 eyewitnesses. In the words of Govinda, "This happens only in India!" Money power speaks the loudest, and we all know that. Whoever has the money, will have the last laugh no matter where they are. It is upto the country's judicial system to make sure that some economical equality can be brought in, so that people don't flaunt their money for all the wrong reasons.

Coming to the Indian cricket team. Although they have been doing well now, they still have long way to go. However people don't understand that simple part. The moment we start doing well, they go all ga-ga over it, and start making proclamations that Dravid is the best thing to happen to India, and we can take on the world. Tomorrow, if we lose a match, the same people will turn against the team so brutally that you'll question their basic sensibilities. In a country full of hypocrites, what else do you expect? Hypocrisy exists everywhere in India, and its most prevalent when it comes to dealing with patriotic issues. Celebrities should use their image to support abd influence for the better, not to show to the world that they have they upper hand and they don't care what they do with the power.

At the end of the day, it just goes to show that in their own hearts, they are just kids who have been let loose. They need the same controlling and reprimanding as the best of us do sometimes. They are only human people, not even close to gods! Learn to treat them like that ... don't make them larger than they already are...!

Reserving our way to fragmentation
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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Everybody has been talking about the latest round of announcements for reservations, quotas and what people calling the mandal part 2. I thought about it, and after watching 'We the people' today, have to say something about it. The point raised by them was that this is the whole idea of democracy. Democracy means giving everyone an equal opportunity to contribute to the country. These reservations will help bring the not so priveleged, or OBCs as they call it, up to par with the general category. The problem here is the artificial handicap this induces among people.

As clearly stated by Dr. Prasad, a Dalit activist, the mandal was initially meant for the MBCs, but the other classes forcefully declared them belonging to the same category, or the politicians involved did. But no matter who did it, the policy which was actually meant for a proper textbook minority in the country, got blown up to include the ones who didn't need it, but wanted it. Let's face it. If you give even the most honest person an easier means to gain what he wants, they'll take the easier way without thinking much. That is exactly what is happening here. Not all backward classes are deprived of these comforts (if getting into IITs and IIMs any comfort :P), and yet they make use of this quota to get in. They don't treat it as a privelege, but the natural course of action. They make themselves handicapped and don't even try to remove out of the OBC tag that they've received, knowing that it'll help them get what they want in this country.

Its disgusting how noble thoughts in our country get distorted to such horrendous consequential acts. Plus, there's always the point of the elections and the politicians trying to secure a votebank. All the rallying and protesting will mean little because we forget the fundamental point. A human being puts himself before anything, and politicians put themselves before any living being. We'll not progess unless we start taking powers away from them. Give the power to the people. Make the Web 2.0 system apply to the way the country is handled. If you see, not much is different between the internet and our country. Both lying in anarchy, and looking for some sanity by turning to the people. I don't see it happening with the country, because there's a little something called 'India' which makes all sense take a hike. Why bother ... really?

Sometimes you just can't go on
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

There are crossroads in everyone's life. Most often than not, there are more than one crossroads. These are the moments where a situation presents itself where a decision (no matter what) is going to hurt. What is upto us is to decide which one is in our best interest. There are people who just tend to 'want' to escape these moments. If only life let us run away, everyone would without thinking twice. The problem is that the more you postpone, the more it'll catch up to you and make you take harder decisions. Nothing in life gets done on its own. You have to do it yourself, or someone else has to do it for you.

Many times, the people around you will get to you. Your immediate reaction might be to want to leave everything and just run away from it all. That would be a very childish thing to do. Considering you do think like that, do you think that wherever you go, the people there will not get to you? What are doing by running away is robbing yourself a learning chance. It'd be easier to speak to the people who are close to you and find out what they or you are doing wrong, rather than meet new people and talk to them about the same thing. Here again, the whole idea of postponing something just makes it worse.

Do you believe in karma? I do. I believe that everything you do is added to your little account of deeds. Good deeds and bad deeds. When we are born, the accounts are empty. When we die, the accounts are equal. Life makes sure that you receive as much as your give, and vice versa. How does it do that ...? Is life an entity? And here we start to enter the realm of god and all his doings. I don't believe in god, so I shall not go there. I can't explain why I believe in karma and not god, but well, there are a lot of things which cannot be explained.

Don't try to run away, no matter how easy it seems. Remember, the easier path is usually the wrong one. Analyze your situation, and think rationally to find a way out which results in more satisfaction than damages. Thats the way life is meant to be lived. Who said it was easy? :)

Apologising channels?
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The latest mashup with the politicians asking the music channels to apologise to the people for showing the (supposed) obscene videos on television, is to sum up in one word, insane. The only ones who should be apologising for anything on a national level is the politicians themselves for treating the country like they have.

Although, I think the media is really blowing the whole thing out too much, and people wanting to show up in the press and their names coming in national dailies are the ones responding to such absurd questions. Times Of India asked the question about how much do with think is all this appropriate. I couldn't believe they even thought something like this worthy enough to be printed on the front page, of (a paper like [sic]) Delhi Times. I mean, is it not bad enough that the politicians are acting cooky in the head, that the media now is too joining them?

I think the whole situation is so nonsensicle, that it should just be ignored by the people. When the concerned people see that its having no effect on anyone, they'll drop it. All they are trying to do, is show themselves as authorities who care for their people. They think they know whats best for us. My big-crap-laden-stinking foot! They don't know jack of what the people want. Solve the Jessica Lal murder case, and then come talk to us. Maybe we'll respond, if you can answer us what took you guys so long to solve such an open and shut case!

Forgive me if I shouted...