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Reserving our way to fragmentation

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Everybody has been talking about the latest round of announcements for reservations, quotas and what people calling the mandal part 2. I thought about it, and after watching 'We the people' today, have to say something about it. The point raised by them was that this is the whole idea of democracy. Democracy means giving everyone an equal opportunity to contribute to the country. These reservations will help bring the not so priveleged, or OBCs as they call it, up to par with the general category. The problem here is the artificial handicap this induces among people.

As clearly stated by Dr. Prasad, a Dalit activist, the mandal was initially meant for the MBCs, but the other classes forcefully declared them belonging to the same category, or the politicians involved did. But no matter who did it, the policy which was actually meant for a proper textbook minority in the country, got blown up to include the ones who didn't need it, but wanted it. Let's face it. If you give even the most honest person an easier means to gain what he wants, they'll take the easier way without thinking much. That is exactly what is happening here. Not all backward classes are deprived of these comforts (if getting into IITs and IIMs any comfort :P), and yet they make use of this quota to get in. They don't treat it as a privelege, but the natural course of action. They make themselves handicapped and don't even try to remove out of the OBC tag that they've received, knowing that it'll help them get what they want in this country.

Its disgusting how noble thoughts in our country get distorted to such horrendous consequential acts. Plus, there's always the point of the elections and the politicians trying to secure a votebank. All the rallying and protesting will mean little because we forget the fundamental point. A human being puts himself before anything, and politicians put themselves before any living being. We'll not progess unless we start taking powers away from them. Give the power to the people. Make the Web 2.0 system apply to the way the country is handled. If you see, not much is different between the internet and our country. Both lying in anarchy, and looking for some sanity by turning to the people. I don't see it happening with the country, because there's a little something called 'India' which makes all sense take a hike. Why bother ... really?


hey u write well. And i agree with ur views in the latest post. ppl have really taken advantage of what was to be a chance for the lowest section of the society to lead a normal life. and btw do something about ur template.

By Blogger Pranay, at 9:22 AM  


thank you pranay, thank you very much.

are you pranay jain?

By Blogger Akanksha, at 10:35 AM  

I'm glad you brought this up. This is one of the most frustrating issues most of us have to deal with today. The ridiculous pretext our government puts up regarding reservations as bridging inequalities between different sects of society is absolute rubbish Does the government think that universities like IIT, IIM etc. are machines that convert dogs to humans? You cant bring about equality just by keeping a greater ratio of seats for the deprived castes at the university level. I mean are you going to consult a doctor who's gotten into university with a 40% how is it benefitting them then?
If the government must bring about equality of opportunities they should begin the process at the schooling level, at the first step of education. Now go visit a public school in India, or a gramin vidhalaya! What's our government doing about that...and then they complain about unequal facilities and opportunities!

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 10:41 AM  

Thanks for the comments!

@Pranay, Akanksha: Theres absolutely nothing wrong with the template. It works fine in both Firefox and IE (and hence in Opera too). I'll suggest you twiddle your preferences, because its perfect here. I can post a screenshot for you if you don't believe me! :)

@Pranay: Thanks for dropping by. I keep putting up stuff, so I hope you keep coming back!

@Akanksha: No, that is not Pranay Jain. Look up the profile if you aren't sure! Its faster than adding a comment, because usually one time commenters don't come back for a while.

@Shikha: Yes! The whole point of tackling the grassroot level to bring equality is being raised. But the thing is that the government is not wholeheartedly into the whole 'bring people to par' thing, and its just a unmeasured and forced step to get votes because of the elections coming up. They think people won't see and are blind.

In a country of cows, they think everyone except themselves are one. People will take focused and rational decisions only if them want good for others. If one is selfish, the judgement shows!

By Blogger Aditya, at 10:50 PM  

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