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So, what do you do now?
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Thursday, March 30, 2006

when one sets out to conquer the world, they start from scratch. if they start with the notion of, 'my ancestors achieved this in their life', they will not be able to achieve anything. the world only recognizes for past laurels, might even respect. but it will not judge you on your past laurels. it will not play a decisive factor wherever you go.

there are people who try to horde appreciation by stating how much their father has achieved, or how much they have inherited. if you ask them of their achievements, you'll usually be treated to one of the biggest silences. such, are not isolated people. tons of people do this, and infact, gullible as it may sound, do get appreciated by society. that, happens to be the worst part to this all.

let your past remain your past. don't let it decide how your future will shape up. if one tries to hold on to laurels and respect gained in the past, and get disappointed when they don't get the 'kudos' they thought they deserved, then someone needs to give them a serious reality check. for example, if today one of the most eminent scientists were to come alive, take einstein for instance. if he doesn't make a single contribution in the form of innovations, he'll be hounded as long as he knows something the world doesn't. the moment he nothing more to share, he'll be forgotten. imaging the scenario, and you'll know it to be true.

such is the irony of life. this supports the well known saying, that in life, either keep moving or get trampled over. although everything does come a full circle, which means that if you've done it in the past, you can also do it in future. hence, don't give up after one big event. life is not about your 15 minutes of fame. life is about the legacy you leave behind!

Respect your past
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

appreciation for what one gets in life is, i guess, an age thing. i remember me whining and crying about everything that i wasn't getting or that i couldn't get only a few years back. now, that understanding and gratefulness for all that i do have has managed to settle in to a good level (if not for its entirety).

why cry about the past? you can't do anything about it, can you? in the words of robin sharma:

every second you dwell on the past, you steal from your future. every minute you spend focussing on your problems, you take away from finding the solutions.

a few people struck my mind as i read those lines. fortunately, they know who they are, and one of them is going to be reading this at some point. i have heard people say that 'we dont think about the past. we live for today.' i wish it were that easy. there are always ghosts from the past threatening to take over your mind and not leave until it has sapped it of its reasoning powers. the time taken to regenerate is precious time wasted, as is stated in those lines up there.

what one can do is train the mind to slowly letting go of the past. the simple reason of thought being that nothing can be done about it. the faster you accept and appreciate what happened, the faster you'll come to respect it and learn from it. the moment you learn from it, you'll not go back to it, because that's how the mind works. have you ever found yourself going back to that cookbook, or tv manual? why? because you already know how it works. why will you waste your time learning the same thing all over again... the same way, everything else works too.

The extremist tendencies
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Friday, March 24, 2006

I have always known that I've been somewhat of an extremist, in the sense that everything about me is the two ends of a stick. I as a person, am full of contrasts, and today, I guess I have realised to what extent it can go. Seeing as I am officially hooked to the likes of Jhalak Dikhla and Saaki, they are in the same playlist as Just Like This (Limp Bizkit) and Lift Me Up (Moby). Surprised? I'm not.

There's something about club music which gets my blood running through every part of me. The pumping beats which just pulse and throb in my ears, give a different kind of high, one no drug or alcohol will give. Its only someone who worships music will understand. When music lives in you, you don't need any inducers to get you high. One just feeds of the music.

Rock music hits the heart and the brain at the same time. The only two organs which decide the actions and behaviour of a person. Rythm and beats are the minds forte. Lyrics and melody are the hearts. It is a known fact that anything rythmic, in simple harmonic motion or under a mathematical relation can give the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure (real or illusional).

I would not probably come as the type to enjoy Jhalak Dikhla but I am... suprised me the first time, but after hearing two or three times, not surprised anymore. I can now see a pattern in all the songs in my playlist. Pumping beats and energy. I guess you can say that my music preference at a moment is decided by my mood. I am in a very good mood at the moment, and so im up for high voltage rock, and anything which has energy. When I am a little more sober, in come the likes of Pink Floyd and Coldplay. Nobody has ever understood the kind of music I like except one. Even she gives up sometimes, but well, you can't everything. My taste in music are absolutes ... from heavy metal, hard rock to classic rock, soft rock. There is no gradient, and no punk, acid or anything of that type. The only out of the way genre being Alternative Rap/Funk Metal (Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine), no pop or anything else.

Surprised? I'm not :P

One great rock show can change the world
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

That was a line from one of my favourite movies of all time (any guesses!?). I just got over with my exams, so woohoo! and yes, since they are gone, my mind is gonna shift to other stupid things on earth. This... is not one of them...

I was thinking about the rules of performing rock songs. Not rules, exactly, but the ways you can get the audience involved, and leave an impact. I have not given many performances. But the ones I have, I got some really good feedback from the people. The most famous one of them being Stairway to heaven, which is now my song. I learnt a lot from that one performance, and though it was completely spontaneous ... there were a lot of things about it which i wish i could change. However, for anyone who is interested, here are my tips on what to do when on stage! :)

1. Feel your music! If you don't feel it, neither will your audience. Everything from jumps, to grows, to laughter to hand gestures and facial expressions. Everything counts to your stage prescence. Ofcourse, I'm not telling you to overdo it (like Cruise on Oprah), and overshadow your bandmates. You won't have a band to perform with if you do that ;)

2. Relate to the song. This is almost the same as the previous point. If you can relate to the song, you'll automatically be the personification of the lyrics, and people will feel it with you, which is exactly what you want. Doesn't it give you a high to see the people shouting with you, and banging their hands with you?

3. Pick good, fast songs, and do whatever comes naturally no matter how wacky it is. No-one wants to hear a 'I want it that way' on stage pal, so stay away from it if you can help it. If you're running out of pumping songs that you guys wrote, do covers of classics. they never fail, because those are songs which people have been hearing for so long, it brings back good memories and the old nostalgic feeling back. remember how you feel when you here the intro riff of sweet child o' mine?

4. Last but not the least, be natural. don't care about what your other bandmates are doing or not ... you should do your own thing. you wanna jump, go ahead and jump. you wanna slam the guitar, go ahead and do it. the more spontaneous it is, the more natural it is ... a fake is very easily spotted, and people lose interest the moment they do. go all out ... treat it like your last performance. the moment you do, you'll give your best, which is what you should do.

look at live shows of high energy bands like guns and roses, aerosmith, acdc and the likes, and you'll see what i mean. you'll see each of those being played out perfectly in every performance. hope i've helped all performers out there! all in the name of rock!

for those about to rock, i salute you!
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Support System
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Every human being has a support system. A support system is that part of a person's life which helps him through the rough patches. The support is usually a part of the foundation that the person builds his life around, because that is something that he trusts a lot. It can be somethings, some thoughts, some ideas, some other people ... anything. A support system is anything which might support the person.

[hide]Strengths and weaknesses are what make a man. And they are an integral part of the man, instilled in him since birth. They stand by him like steadfast poles dug a mile into the earth (very hard to shake). Such should be the ideal support, so that he can have unshaken confidence that if he should fall, there are people behind him to help him up. That way, he will move forward without too many fears.

The first support that a person ever gets is usually from his family. The parents are always there to help get the earlier years smoothely out of the way, and if anything should go wrong, are there to help bail them out. If the family should not be there, the formative years of a person can become hell, and subsequently the older years when the person faces the world all alone. As the years go on, many more people are added to that support system, and the person himself might become a part of someone else's support. This is how human beings survive. By depending on each other. Have respect for someone else's care and love ... not many people get it. Learn to respect your own support system, not many people have one.

But most of all, learn to love and care for people ... there aren't many people who can.[/hide]

The things that just don't work
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Sometimes, there are things that just refuse to work for you. Sometimes you don't know if you are right, or you are wrong. I hold the belief that everything happens for a reason, even if it might not be very evident at first. But how do you react when the things which are going so right, all of a sudden fall flat on the face. Worse being the fact that it could have been avoided, with a little thinking.

[hide]However, I don't think I will ever believe in god enough to trust him with my life. I might end up believing he's there, but will never trust him with me. He has screwed with my life far too many times, if he is sitting up there somewhere. If he's not, and even if he is, my life is my own domain ... and I need to fix it for myself. The best of us muddle up, and trip. Its just that I've tripped far too many times for my own comfort.

How do you know you're going to make a mistake, and you might hurt someone? Wouldn't life be much simpler if one could do that? Yes, it would take out the entire 'learning' aspect of it ... but atleast some of us would not make as many mistakes as we do now. Atleast ...

It is when I hurt others that it hurts me the most. People in my life, are my life. Its not that I can't live without them. Its just I don't wanna try to...[/hide]

Love can make the world go round
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Friday, March 17, 2006

The more the beautiful the thing, the more pain that might come out of it for people. Everything balances out in life. Love, pain, hurt, anger, happiness. No0one faces an endless barrage of sadness, and no can remain happy for long. Its the circle of life, and every thing that goes around, comes around.

[hide]The beauty of love being its simplicity, and the passion that it has, or the complexity of love being the myriad emotions that we have to deal with. Everything has their highs and lows. It depends on us on how we like to deal with things. People like to leave out the lows, only take the highs, and hence miss out on the most beautiful thing there is.

People skip on love thinking it'll get in the way. Love never gets in the way. It can only make it right.
The world would be a much better place if people just figured that out.[/hide]