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Respect your past

Sunday, March 26, 2006

appreciation for what one gets in life is, i guess, an age thing. i remember me whining and crying about everything that i wasn't getting or that i couldn't get only a few years back. now, that understanding and gratefulness for all that i do have has managed to settle in to a good level (if not for its entirety).

why cry about the past? you can't do anything about it, can you? in the words of robin sharma:

every second you dwell on the past, you steal from your future. every minute you spend focussing on your problems, you take away from finding the solutions.

a few people struck my mind as i read those lines. fortunately, they know who they are, and one of them is going to be reading this at some point. i have heard people say that 'we dont think about the past. we live for today.' i wish it were that easy. there are always ghosts from the past threatening to take over your mind and not leave until it has sapped it of its reasoning powers. the time taken to regenerate is precious time wasted, as is stated in those lines up there.

what one can do is train the mind to slowly letting go of the past. the simple reason of thought being that nothing can be done about it. the faster you accept and appreciate what happened, the faster you'll come to respect it and learn from it. the moment you learn from it, you'll not go back to it, because that's how the mind works. have you ever found yourself going back to that cookbook, or tv manual? why? because you already know how it works. why will you waste your time learning the same thing all over again... the same way, everything else works too.


Yesterday will help us to face today.. and Today will be a yesterday for tomorrow :)

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 12:07 AM  

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