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Support System

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Every human being has a support system. A support system is that part of a person's life which helps him through the rough patches. The support is usually a part of the foundation that the person builds his life around, because that is something that he trusts a lot. It can be somethings, some thoughts, some ideas, some other people ... anything. A support system is anything which might support the person.

[hide]Strengths and weaknesses are what make a man. And they are an integral part of the man, instilled in him since birth. They stand by him like steadfast poles dug a mile into the earth (very hard to shake). Such should be the ideal support, so that he can have unshaken confidence that if he should fall, there are people behind him to help him up. That way, he will move forward without too many fears.

The first support that a person ever gets is usually from his family. The parents are always there to help get the earlier years smoothely out of the way, and if anything should go wrong, are there to help bail them out. If the family should not be there, the formative years of a person can become hell, and subsequently the older years when the person faces the world all alone. As the years go on, many more people are added to that support system, and the person himself might become a part of someone else's support. This is how human beings survive. By depending on each other. Have respect for someone else's care and love ... not many people get it. Learn to respect your own support system, not many people have one.

But most of all, learn to love and care for people ... there aren't many people who can.[/hide]


its impossible to read half the stuff on your blog because it remains covered with your picture, and all these muddled up links on the side. ive tried both mozilla and ie, nothing works.

please do something about it, its quite difficult to read the stuff.

By Blogger Nemesis, at 10:48 AM  

I've fixed it! Hope you can see it now!

By Blogger Aditya, at 6:27 AM  

i cant see a BLESSED THING MAN.


please, do something, before my eyes fall out of their sockets.

By Blogger Nemesis, at 8:52 AM  

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