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Thursday, March 30, 2006

when one sets out to conquer the world, they start from scratch. if they start with the notion of, 'my ancestors achieved this in their life', they will not be able to achieve anything. the world only recognizes for past laurels, might even respect. but it will not judge you on your past laurels. it will not play a decisive factor wherever you go.

there are people who try to horde appreciation by stating how much their father has achieved, or how much they have inherited. if you ask them of their achievements, you'll usually be treated to one of the biggest silences. such, are not isolated people. tons of people do this, and infact, gullible as it may sound, do get appreciated by society. that, happens to be the worst part to this all.

let your past remain your past. don't let it decide how your future will shape up. if one tries to hold on to laurels and respect gained in the past, and get disappointed when they don't get the 'kudos' they thought they deserved, then someone needs to give them a serious reality check. for example, if today one of the most eminent scientists were to come alive, take einstein for instance. if he doesn't make a single contribution in the form of innovations, he'll be hounded as long as he knows something the world doesn't. the moment he nothing more to share, he'll be forgotten. imaging the scenario, and you'll know it to be true.

such is the irony of life. this supports the well known saying, that in life, either keep moving or get trampled over. although everything does come a full circle, which means that if you've done it in the past, you can also do it in future. hence, don't give up after one big event. life is not about your 15 minutes of fame. life is about the legacy you leave behind!


You reminded me of a line i'd read in Anita Desai's book: "A Village by the Sea" in which life is described as a wheel which keeps moving, changing and progressing.
People who cling onto the glories of the past, forget to build something today, to which they can look back as the 'past', tomorrow. Thus, such people will never be successful on the long run. Society courts such people..we all know society does have its share of hollow ideals and is built on false glittery 'appearances'
And as you said, a 15 minutes of fame is always shortlived, life is all about the hardships, struggles and challenges we overcome and that is ones true success.

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 7:19 PM  

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