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Apologising channels?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The latest mashup with the politicians asking the music channels to apologise to the people for showing the (supposed) obscene videos on television, is to sum up in one word, insane. The only ones who should be apologising for anything on a national level is the politicians themselves for treating the country like they have.

Although, I think the media is really blowing the whole thing out too much, and people wanting to show up in the press and their names coming in national dailies are the ones responding to such absurd questions. Times Of India asked the question about how much do with think is all this appropriate. I couldn't believe they even thought something like this worthy enough to be printed on the front page, of (a paper like [sic]) Delhi Times. I mean, is it not bad enough that the politicians are acting cooky in the head, that the media now is too joining them?

I think the whole situation is so nonsensicle, that it should just be ignored by the people. When the concerned people see that its having no effect on anyone, they'll drop it. All they are trying to do, is show themselves as authorities who care for their people. They think they know whats best for us. My big-crap-laden-stinking foot! They don't know jack of what the people want. Solve the Jessica Lal murder case, and then come talk to us. Maybe we'll respond, if you can answer us what took you guys so long to solve such an open and shut case!

Forgive me if I shouted...


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