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Don't know what to call this one

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

People come and people go, what they leave are memories. And memories can be good and/or bad. Ofcouse, we all have our different ways of dealing with them. Some people get really close, and when one loses them, they don't want to let go. They keep telling themselves that they haven't lost that other person, and all it'll take is another phone call. But they never make that call, because they want to lose that bubble of hope that they have, because somewhere deep down they know, that their call might not be picked up, or the outcome might not be what they thought it'd be. Life doesn't go the way we want it to, it has its own path. What we have, is a leash. We can deviate from the path only as much as our leash allows us.

I have had friends. But not many have gotten as close as her. Thats why, it was hard for me to let go of her. I haven't completely, because I know she hasn't. She tries so hard to tick me off, trying to get me off her, but the things she says try to mask anger and pain, not hate and loathing. She answers all my mails, even if they all tell me to stop trying to talk to her. I know if you hate someone, you'd ignore them, but she doesn't. Holding on to false hope and justifying what I feel, am I not? I know the things I do wrong, but the problem is that I can't do anything to stop myself from doing it.

Its strange when you see someone else making the same mistakes. Its stranger when you see yourself making the same mistake as someone else. Its the strangest when you can't stop yourself. But in the fight between the mind and the heart, you never know which one'll win. I guess what they say is right. Never look to someone else to complete you... or you'll be left with two incomplete souls...


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