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Saturday, April 08, 2006

There are crossroads in everyone's life. Most often than not, there are more than one crossroads. These are the moments where a situation presents itself where a decision (no matter what) is going to hurt. What is upto us is to decide which one is in our best interest. There are people who just tend to 'want' to escape these moments. If only life let us run away, everyone would without thinking twice. The problem is that the more you postpone, the more it'll catch up to you and make you take harder decisions. Nothing in life gets done on its own. You have to do it yourself, or someone else has to do it for you.

Many times, the people around you will get to you. Your immediate reaction might be to want to leave everything and just run away from it all. That would be a very childish thing to do. Considering you do think like that, do you think that wherever you go, the people there will not get to you? What are doing by running away is robbing yourself a learning chance. It'd be easier to speak to the people who are close to you and find out what they or you are doing wrong, rather than meet new people and talk to them about the same thing. Here again, the whole idea of postponing something just makes it worse.

Do you believe in karma? I do. I believe that everything you do is added to your little account of deeds. Good deeds and bad deeds. When we are born, the accounts are empty. When we die, the accounts are equal. Life makes sure that you receive as much as your give, and vice versa. How does it do that ...? Is life an entity? And here we start to enter the realm of god and all his doings. I don't believe in god, so I shall not go there. I can't explain why I believe in karma and not god, but well, there are a lot of things which cannot be explained.

Don't try to run away, no matter how easy it seems. Remember, the easier path is usually the wrong one. Analyze your situation, and think rationally to find a way out which results in more satisfaction than damages. Thats the way life is meant to be lived. Who said it was easy? :)


People don�t intentionally try to escape from their problems�its just that when they see no other way out or no solutions to a problem�they start ignoring it�. and that�s definitely not ESCAPING! You can say that it is a temporary evading phase.
If they get over burdened with fear, worries and pain�they think of coping-out (human nature). But then�there are friends and family that gives them strength enough to fight every crunch.
It does take time�but everyone�eventually finds a way out!! That�s how; at least, human system works�doesn�t it?

By Blogger sonali, at 12:33 PM  

I really don't know why you think God has anything to do with karma!

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 10:44 AM  

hwo do you explain the whole concept of karma then?

who (or what) is it that works to balance of a persons good deeds and bad deeds? makes him enjoy and suffer equally? if more than a million believe in a god, then surely there has to be some base for it? a mere belief is not the territory of the smart, and we can't say people aren't smart?

there has to be something, and unless another 'all powerful' entity has been borne, the only thing my mind shifts to is...? you guessed it! :D

By Blogger Aditya, at 9:00 PM  

I've been trying to avoid getting into this, but anyway. It's you're fault! too bad if you think this is a lecture ;)
The irony of the situation is that karma is one of the only things in life that is in our hands.
This is the truth that any religious gospel indirectly preaches. It's upto us to recognise it and perform.

With regard to God, I dont want to refute anyone's beliefs or idealogies but here are mine
I believe God lives within all of us. We all have that light within us, and that is what we call God. In almost any religious text, the first principle preached has always been humanity...to respect each other... why? because we all have God within us. Going to temples, mosques or performing rituals are all superficial. Haven't you ever had that warm feeling when you did something good for someone?... or that inner feeling in the gut when you wanted to go out and do something about a certain issue?

The human mind is very complex. Everything is connected. There are two levels of the human mind: the conscious and the subconscious. It is true that our actions are responsible for our fate. But this is true because we know subconsciously that our actions are wrong, and this is registered in the subconscious mind. Everything comes around, and eventually without even knowing it, we weave a web for ourselves.

There probably is a universal force...but we all(humans,animals etc.) belong to that force..are a part of it and connected to it.
"I believe in karma and not god" is not something absurd.

So by all means don't use the three letter word if you don't believe it...you're not proving or disproving anything by doing that. Only don't think *** is responsible for your karma or has anything to do with it.

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 11:07 AM  

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