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The deal with us and celebrities

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I am not taking celebrities only has the hunks and hunkettes (?) from bollywood. I am taking anyone who has remained in the spotlight of the media for quite a while (again variable, but long enough) and is a regular face on television as a celebrity. Now, the question that I ask here is, what's the deal with us citizens and them being pseudo gods? I know, I know. You will say that they're not gods, and its a misconception to think of them as. You'll say its just a myth that we have that these celebrities are worshipped and whatever Amitabh Bachchan says is not followed to the hilt, action hero's are not mimicked. I agree with you, but thats only for the sensible upper middle, and upper class of the social strata. We have yet to see the same sensibilities being shown by the rural communities in our country.

The entire Salman Khan issue (the black buck one) has been blown so much out of proporsion, that I doubt if people today even remember what year it was brought to light, and what the original case was. Yes, he broke the law and he should be punished duly for it. The case stretched on for 5-6 years, and finally he's been sentenced to imprisonment. Finally! Do you think such a delay would have been there if you replaced him with either you or me? I doubt it. The Jessica Lal case. I don't need to begin to say anything about it. The fellow got away scot-free with more than 10 eyewitnesses. In the words of Govinda, "This happens only in India!" Money power speaks the loudest, and we all know that. Whoever has the money, will have the last laugh no matter where they are. It is upto the country's judicial system to make sure that some economical equality can be brought in, so that people don't flaunt their money for all the wrong reasons.

Coming to the Indian cricket team. Although they have been doing well now, they still have long way to go. However people don't understand that simple part. The moment we start doing well, they go all ga-ga over it, and start making proclamations that Dravid is the best thing to happen to India, and we can take on the world. Tomorrow, if we lose a match, the same people will turn against the team so brutally that you'll question their basic sensibilities. In a country full of hypocrites, what else do you expect? Hypocrisy exists everywhere in India, and its most prevalent when it comes to dealing with patriotic issues. Celebrities should use their image to support abd influence for the better, not to show to the world that they have they upper hand and they don't care what they do with the power.

At the end of the day, it just goes to show that in their own hearts, they are just kids who have been let loose. They need the same controlling and reprimanding as the best of us do sometimes. They are only human people, not even close to gods! Learn to treat them like that ... don't make them larger than they already are...!


wow dude ! the template is stunning!

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I guess you can see it properly now. Good! and Thanks!

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i cant see it properly even NOW, but the background looks good! thats all im saying!

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