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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Since my last post didn't sit well with someone, I planned to write something and get the load off my guilty conscience. I live to please my readers, so if someone has a problem, I'll fix it! :) The idea behind this post comes from a talk this morning with Ekta. About the people who don't fight back the system, but learn to adapt to it. I have always believed there are two kinds of people. One kind, who change themselves to adapt to the situation they're put in, and the other, who change the situation to adapt themselves. Its only the latter kind who hold the power to change anything on earth.

I know someone, who holds that fact that she can adapt really well, and learn from others as an asset. I don't. I think sooner or later, she'll be put in a situation will be wrong, but she'll (because of her nature) try and adapt to it, without thinking of fighting back. Such are the people who feul oppression and suppression. They are the reason those words still exist. If people don't stand up for their own right, who will? I personally wasn't affected much by Rang De Basanti for the simple reason that it was so impractical and foolhardy. Those kids acted just like that, kids, without stopping to think of their own actions. Thats what seperates us from animals. They follow instinct, we can think.

We know when something is going wrong. We know when the system is wrong. We know how to fix it, and we know who all are responsible for everything. Yet, we don't do anything. Why? Because we think someone else will do it. We think that they are no-one to start a (mini) revolution, and they'll join one started by someone else. Its the vicious tomorrow type cycle. Remember? Tomorrow never comes? Keep passing the job to the next person, and it'll come a full circle back to you someday.

Letting things pass, and learning to divert your conscience away from it is not the answer. People who do that are cowards, good for nothings, who know nothing better than to keep their mouth shut and suffer under the people who know how to fight the system. Leaders aren't born, they are made. And only the ones who can do, will lead. Today, there is no place for compromises. One should only optimise. Gather the resources one has, and make the best use of it. If one starts to accept the lack of resources, and resign their duties to working with them, they'll get nowhere. They have to find new resources, and figure out how to work with them. If they need something, they'll bloody well get up and ask, or take, whatever fits.

Don't shut up and keep shut. You'll keeping a lot of others mouths shut as well. You speak, the world speaks with you. You keep shut, you suffer the system. The choice is yours, because after all, the system was made by people like you!


Out of that whole entry, one line in particular compelled me comment: the last. You see, it bothers me to be categorized along with the rest of the people who are responsible for making such faulty systems. I'm not sure about others, but my natural instinct is to say "I'm not like them" and settle with that. In other words, I'm claiming that the situation is hopeless because I simply cannot understand these other people and likewise feel that not many people out there will be able to understand me...which goes against everything you're recommending here! So yes, we should not make excuses (even weird ones like mine), and speak up when there's a need.

By Blogger Ekta, at 8:27 PM  

A very simple train of reasoning follows here. If you're not against them, you're with them! I really wish one could say 'I'm not like them' and leave it at that. But the truth is, that democracy doesn't teach us to be that way.

We have the privelege of choice, but we don't use it. We live in silence, sacrificing lasting comfort for momentous satisfaction. The only way to change is to change ourselves. Believe me, its the easiest thing to do considering the alternatives!

By Blogger Aditya, at 2:49 AM  

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