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The art of hope!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We have always seen that the easiest thing to lose is the one which is usually safgaurded the most. But then why isn't it the same for human feelings? Trust, hope, faith... All these are so easy to lose when things are not going right, but then why don't we try to hold on them when we see ourselves losing them? Many of us need a second person to show us the light when we're down, and see the ways of the world. When you need someone there, you'll find someone there. But only as long as you're willing to wipe your tears and see clearly around you.
Martin Luther KingWe must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

Life finds a way, through everything. No matter how deep the water, how dark the road. How hard the task, how lonely the path. You'll get help when you need it the most, and you'll be foolish to refuse it. People let their ego's and so called 'self-respect' (which is often confused for ego) get in the way. Help doesn't come unasked for, and if it does, why turn away?

Nothing can be done if you don't have hope. Hope is the positivity that you keep when you move forward, that everything you do will work out fine and the results will be good. If you say that you don't expect good results out of what you do, then you are either a) a complete idiot, or b) lying. Everyone has hopes, its part of being human. So, since you do have hopes, don't let mild setbacks get you down. Yes! I call them mild setbacks, because anything that doesn't physically disable you or kill you, is a mild setback since it can be worked around. Nothing is so big that it cannot be fixed, always remember that.

Long story short, have hopes, and please don't give up on them! I've been praised for my structured posts, so if this one isn't, please forgive me. My thoughts are so, the bhel puri I'm having is very spicy! :P


hehe! you're right ... i did enjoy this :P and most of all it made me really happy.. thanks! btw i so envy you... you were having bhel puri?! :(
just remember one thing, ... love your dreams and believe in them each day of your life.. there's no way you'll ever fail in your attempts then :D
you've got so much in store...i'm sure you'll touch the skies (or the stars rather hehe):D
Take care!

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 12:39 PM  

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