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As I let you go

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There are times when things seem perfect. There are times when things seem wrong. Everybody gives signals, as does everything on earth as to if its going well or not. Its upto us to see and accept, or blindsight everything because we feel or think a certain way. What am I talking about? Read on!

There's this story about how once a farmer was told to pick out and bring the best crop he had every reaped, however, once he had crossed a patch he couldn't come back. In effect, he could only go forward. So the farmer thought this was easy, and set off. He went through his lush green fields, looking at all the crops. He encountered many really good ones, but always thought what if the next one was better. In his curiosity, he reached the abrupt end of his field, and he came back empty handed...

Opportunities present themselves when the time is right. But life is not that simple, since opportunities are masked and disguised so that they're hard to spot. Because once spotted, the rewards are great. But only when spotted. Thats why you should be brave to take stands, and flexible enough to bend either side. Only then will you be able to enjoy life, and live without fears. If you hesitate when the time is right, you'll miss your chance.

Such are the justifications I give myself whenever the thought of what I did rise to confront me. It maybe wrong, it may be overused, or even downright immature. But I did what I saw was right, when I saw was right. I didn't want to end up looking for my best crop and end up empty handed, or in something that I didn't want to be in. Not now atleast! When my own life lies around swirling winds, not sure when it'll be flung to which direction. Can't drag another with me, especially someone I care about so much. I'm sorry for what I did. Wish I could make it better or easier for you. That's all I can say, as I let you go...


People have difficult times in their lives when everything seems perfect but one has to take decisions at that instant to secure their future. People generally take such actions for themselves. Very few people have the courage to give up their present best for someone else's future. I look up to such a person and am really proud of him !!

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