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Can You Really Blame 'Em?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This is a very poorly written poem I desperately came up with for an English assignment once. I only present it to you here because of the message it (hopefully) carries. Search and you shall find, although I think I made it pretty obvious!

'It's In The Genes'

'It's in the genes' they say.
Whether a person is
Generous, or miserly
Talented, or worthless
Beautiful, or ugly…

If 'It's in the genes' as they say
What's there to be proud of?
And what cause for shame?
What is there to envy?
And what's there to claim?

'It's in the genes' they should say
When he flares into a temper
Or she orders them around
When they rise above the rest
And leave us on the ground.

'It's in the genes' they rightly say
And nothing in our hands;
For what do we strive then?
To share what we have
And receive once again.

The moral of the story is basically that there is no point whatsoever in belittling or blaming people for something they naturally lack or in giving them unreasonable credit for something they naturally possess. Only when we 'strive' to do something beyond our natural abilities or strive to overcome our natural faults is there something truly worth praise. The rest is worth respect and appreciation, but not much more. I find this way of thinking helps me keep myself and the world in perspective, not favoring an unhealthy amount of pride (or arrogance) because of the good, or contempt and intolerance toward the bad.

(PS: Please keep in mind though that I'm only referring to people we encounter in ordinarily life, not the people behind horrible systems, backward mentalities or terrorist attacks; I will not dare deny that they are thoroughly to blame for their actions!)

- Ekta


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