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Simplify your life!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

There is a certain beauty in simplicity. Anything when simplified makes more sense, seems more attractive. It appears much more beautiful than it would have otherwise. You face it everyday, but don't think twice about it. A gentle smile from someone, a little wave. A baby (a really small one) walking, or an autumn leaf floating down from a tree. Just the simple things in life..

It is simplicity that is hard to achieve. Its very easy to complicate something beyond recognition. Many people do that, and when towards the end they see how ridiculously hard it has become, they give up. They forget that that simple thing could have been kept simple. Its all in the head. If the mind has been trained to remain methodical, it'll do so everywhere. Its how you see things, how you work with them.

The simplest of emotions are the most complicated of them all. Why? Because our minds get in the way. Emotions are always associated with the heart. I'm not getting into the debate on heart and mind again, but if you see the simplicity of the heart against the complexity of the mind, you'll see how relationships change. If I say to someone that I love them, in me, I leave it at that. I don't expect them to return it, or even try to feel anything for me. They don't understand that and hence while trying to feel a certain way, they forget to simply be friends. Love doesn't get in the way, love is the way. There is no way you can compare love, and I realised that after Sita told me. It became easier to deal with the relationship once I realised that I was forgetting the simplest thing, that I loved her (not Sita, someone else! :P). Thats what you need to do too.

If somewhere you have a relationship which is not working, or not happening, sit down and think. Think how it all started. What all you felt when it started, and what was the basic thing that drove it. Try and bring it back. If the other person tries the same thing, it'll work again. If they don't, then you're better off spending time on more things, in better ways. The same goes for everything you do. A logical approach is much better than a reactionary one. Look before you leap, and you shall leap smart!


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