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Survey, A Good One!

Friday, May 12, 2006

You know how surveys are always such a bore? Well the only survey I’ve ever associated with a not-unpleasant experience was one I came across a few years ago in school. Basically, the survey was conducted on university students asking them what their ambition/goal in life was. The investigations were continued to check up on the students over a 10-year period (long, eh?). And guess what they found? Those whose ambition/goal was to simply be happy in life turned out to be the most likely candidates for becoming millionaires, as many of the few who had that answer, did. Interesting? I think so!

If anything, that survey only helped to clarify in my own mind, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming big, but in terms of happiness rather than directly in terms of money, fame or other worldly material desires. However, I am aware that most people are more ambitious and specific than myself in terms of what they want to achieve in life. For me, it is indeed lasting happiness; the fact that I’d like to think I know something about what particular things will assure me some amount of happiness in life, such as career and lifestyle, is perfectly acceptable at the same time and will not be considered as being specifically ambitious by me. So, moral of the story: always strive for happiness, your chances of gaining it are much higher if you work toward it rather than something else. :)


I agree, although happiness is relative. Some seek happiness in riches, some in peace. Happiness is the easiest goal to achieve if one tries at it. Its not as elusive as money or fame, and twice as more satisfying.

By Blogger Aditya, at 9:40 PM  

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