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Too perfect!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

True perfection is imperfect. Atleast, thats what I've heard from people. People say I'm a perfectionist. I agree with them most of the time, since I know I have the habit of pointing out the little squiggles which really bake my noodle! I manage to see the smalles of details and ask people to correct them, which, in the real world wouldn't make a difference to anyone on earth.

Every heard of the phrase 'too perfect'? Its mostly used with people and relationships. You might say that two people are 'too perfect' for each other, or the relationship is just 'too good' or something synonymous. I felt that way about someone, that whatever we had was just too perfect. Perfect understanding, perfect care. How could it be? Maybe there is a squiggle that I can't see yet ... maybe there isn't. Who knows! But the thing is, that I'm really happy with wherever I am in life at the moment. Two setbacks later, I am good again.

Chinese Proverb Even the best needles are not sharp at both ends.

Dependency is such a bad thing. More than bad, it creates myriad insecurities and doesn't fail to scare. If you're dependent on someone, you cannot be perfect. Ofcourse, here I take the argument that perfection is a mark which can reached. The first way to be really good at something you do, is not to be dependent on anyone. If you are, you'll be restricted by their skill which may or may not be better than you. To be perfect you have to be better than everybody else, and you can't be better than someone if you're dependent on them. So yes, we come a full circle.

Anyway, I just put this up to get a subtle hint out, so that I can show something to a few people, and my new offset quoting box (the black box). I got the idea off Blogfresh's post (Sidenotes and Textboxes), so do tell me what you think!


That is really a great way to have pullquotes! It looks like it can be configured verry easily. Good job.

By Blogger anniebluesky, at 3:44 AM  

Perfection is a standard we set for ourselves. And it's true that such standards may vary from person to person. However, perfection is an ideal based on a relative analysis as well. This is true for mostly all aspects of life. You have to compare your standards with that of others in order to continuously improve.. after all we all learn from each other. This is not dependency nor is it being someone who cares for what the world thinks about ones standards. This is about evaluating ones own space in this world. Think about it .. won't it be self-satisfying this way too?

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 6:53 AM  

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