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The Zookeeper's Boy

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I have been listening to that song the whole morning today, and it's also up as my Song of the Day. There just something about that song which makes me feel like I'm actually flying, falling through an endless chasm of blue and black, spinning like a top to such speeds where it blurs reality and conscience, yet not make you nauseous. Ever had that feeling?

I've never had that feeling except when I'm listening to music, and it so happens that music is my miracle drug that's just the high and not the pill. When something is such an integral part of one's life, its hard to live by anything else. Its so heartening to have a partner who respects your love for something other than them, and eggs you on to live by it. Its so nice to be in love. Ofcourse, I don't mean the in the moment crush that so many people mistake for love. I mean something which matches my love for Devika, and my love for music. When you learn to love like that, you realise that you've reached an elevated place quite unlike any other that you've gone to yet. You feel, strangely, pseudo-enlightened. It gives you a false sense of what enlightenment might mean. I don't think I'm making much sense here at the moment, but listen to that song a few times, and then read this. Maybe you'll understand what I'm feeling.

The beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. The creator just creates with one idea. Revolutionary, yes! But singular nonetheless. The observer is the one who gives its existence meaning. He is the one who realises the potential and how it can be used. This doesn't make the creator any less great. After all, without a creation, there would be no observer! Such is the case with music. The one who creates might create it with just one thought in mind. But the listener is that one who can truly appreciate what the song can do. This can only happen when the listener is open minded, and lets the music engulf him. One's who restrict themselves and never even try, prejudiced that they won't like it, deny themselves true nirvana. They will never lose themselves to anything, for they won't understand the true euphoria of feeling something new, and letting it take over every nerve and feeling in one's body. They may admire, but will can never worship. They can praise, but will never feel. They may care, but will never love.

I pity those who don't love, for fear of being hurt. There's a unique sanctuary in pain too. You should be ready to face it, and you'll realise it doesn't hurt that much. Every hurt can heal, which is nature's holy plan. No one was meant to suffer forever, and no euphoria was meant to last eternally. Accept what you face when you face it. Enjoy when you can, mourne when you should. Never let your feelings overlap, for then you'll not appreciate how they affect your life and your mind. Never fight your feelings, they exist to be your guide. Never make yourself feel a certain way, because you know its wrong and untrue.

The more you force, the more wrong you go. Whatever happens without effort, is usually whats right. What happens because of effort, is usually supposed to teach you something...


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