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Monday, June 12, 2006

I hadn't posted in a long time here, plus I found something to think about yesterday while talking to Puroitree ... so I decided to put it up! By the way, my sister celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday, so all the best wishes for her!

We were talking about why its so hard to walk alone. I was of the mind that I'd not need anyone in my life ever again, especially after Praneeta. I had somehow managed to harden myself against the idea that I might show my vulnerable side to others, probably because I was too scared of getting hurt again. No-one likes to get hurt, and me particularly not so, I tried to keep myself away from divulging too much about myself to new people. The ones who're already there knew things that were happening, but I talked less and less about what was happening in my current days with them too.

But when Puroitree happened, I realised that it become so much easier to have someone there with you. Someone to just hold your hand, or tell you to take just one more step through the simmering sand. Someone who can be the motivation when your's fails. A person to just look over you, and be there whenever you might need them. This person doesn't have to be a girlfriend, or even a friend. They are the silent angels that are always behind you, but out of sight until you need them.

There is a reason everything exists in pairs. It's like nothing was meant to be alone. So who are we to try and change the ways of the world? After all, you don't lose anything if you share yourself with someone. You'll only feel better to know that you aren't alone when you walk the long grimey path.

This is in no way trying to imply that I owe all my support and appreciation to Puroitree. I just took her name because I saw how much easier it became the moment I started sharing things with her at that level. I still thank the people in my life who have managed to make a difference. I've always given back what I've got to the people who deserve it, and they will.

I've gotten through to Manipal, and I'll be leaving on the 28th of August if all goes well! Thanks bunch to all the people who helped me get here! You know who you are!


you are a genius...

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