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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Talking to Puroitree this morning about the sustainability quotient for girls, we hit the simple yet quite real option of marriage. A girl, who doesn't do well in life, can always get married. Guys (who love their partners) don't have a problem with providing them the money. We cooked up a hypothetical (I mean hypothetical) situation where a guy is doing really well as compared to the girl he likes. Now, something like the girls professional life is not going to stand in the way of them getting married if they love each other. More than anything, it'll be an 'ego' booster for the guy if he sees that he can provide for his girl without any help! :)

I take nothing away from the fact that girls should have a sound professional life, and should do well for themselves. I have nothing against allowing my (future) wife to work if she wants to, and I will do everything in my power to support her. Yes, I will have a slight problem if my wife has to support the family ... in short, if I earn less than her. But with current prospects in place, she might be a little too expensive, and might have to chip in for her own maintenance! :)

For a guy on the other hand, its harder because they, by tradition, are expected to be the bread earners. A guy who can't support his own family is literally looked down upon in this country. The wife is then pitied. Basically, its not a very admirable state. To avoid that, its expected that the guy work harder than the other members in the family, so that he can hold his own head up high, and doesn't have to worry about people talking behind his back! :)

I know a lot female voices might go up (atleast, those who read this excuse of a blog! :P) but you know what I say is true!


The huge male ego refuses to get satisfied! And we always believed that Eve was the one who swallowed the apple...........

By Blogger i am what i am, at 11:36 PM  

Hehe! Hey darling! :)

Ok, first of all, this is not one of those egos which exists to be satisfied. Its just one feels bad when they see another working, and that person himself is not doing anything to help out. I'm sure you won't feel good if your husband was working day and night on his own to support the house. You will want to chip in yourself.

That is the same feeling I'm talking about. And as far as the fact that the guy will want to earn more than his wife, that's more of the 'wearing the pants' issue. The guy will surely want to show that he's the head of house. This is the ego, that exists to be satisfied, but is hard to do so. But the wife should learn to live with this! :-P

Hehe! I hope you still love me! :-P

By Blogger Aditya, at 1:56 AM  

hmm... i tried but i just cudn't resist ;)

well.. i hope this doesn't sound condescending but what you've written makes you appear as a person who is insecure of his capabilities and hence someone who prefers to settle for a meek, submissive, easily dominated hence 'less' capable wife (which i'm not saying is true).
btw Don't worry! It won't be that hard finding such a wife ;)

According to me, what some fat gossipping (they're usually fat :P) people say doesn't make a difference but ofcourse, other people may have more superficial priorities in their desired relationships :)

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 6:30 AM  

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