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The delusioned pain

Friday, June 23, 2006

There are many ways of dealing with the people who hurt you. You can deal with them by ignoring them, or hurting them back. You can just walk away, never to talk to them again, or stay and fight back. But, how do you deal with someone who is close to you, but hurts you thinking its the right thing to do? What if they kick you, kick you some more, keep on kicking you until you fall to the ground bleeding, and then they give you one final kick before saying, 'It's the right thing to do' and walking away..?

People thing they're doing the right thing, and the more power they have, the more right they think they are. But as Uncle Ben said to Peter, 'With great power, comes great responsibilities.' Why do people tend to forget that? Just because they can do whatever they want to, does NOT give them the right to rule the life of someone who is not in a place to. Just because a father pays for everything his child buys and wants, does NOT give him a right to tell his child what to do.

The freedom of choice is not a bargaining point. You cannot exchange choice with materials. Without choice, you are not who you are ... and if you can live with that, then you don't deserve to live. If someone thinks they can buy off your right to choice, they should be dragged to the middle of the street and shot through the head. We have brains, we have thoughts. We have emotions, we have ideas and we have dreams. NO-ONE has the right to restrict them. It doesn't matter how right they think it is, no-one, and oh-so-seriously mean NO-ONE can do that. If parents think they're god to their children, they need a serious reality check as fast as possible.

We are not their obligations. We are their responsibility. We didn't choose to be born, they wanted us to be born so that they could get happiness. Why give birth to a child when you think he/she can't think for him/herself. One doesn't give birth to their kid so that the child worships them. That was the discussion held at this post as well. Its just not right to try and rule someone's life like that ... it just isn't...


Your destiny is your right, a right no one can deny or forcefully distort no matter how influential or powerful the person maybe.
Whatever happens has a hidden reason .. which spells out some day or the other. We are not to see or worry about the future. Whatever will happen, can neither be foreseen nor 'ruled' by anyone else.
Believe in what you think or feel.. never let anyone choke your feelings and always stay true to your heart.. no matter what the consequences.

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 2:08 AM  

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